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Moroccan tajine is the main dish, named after the terracotta container with a cone-shaped lid that cooks the stuffed food. But no need to own this dish, a casserole will do for this recipe. Ingredients for 6-8 people: 1.5 kg lamb 1 kg precooked artichoke hearts 1 kg beans 1 tbsp.
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Your baby 0-1 year

Umbrella bed Light BabyBjörn

Umbrella bed Light BabyBjörn For babies from birth to 3 years, a lightweight umbrella bed that is easy to fold and fold out ideal for holidays. He sits in his bag when you no longer need it. Several colors to choose: 239,90 € (BabyBjörn). Where to find it? To discover :
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Your child 1-3 years

The dico of first aid

Experiences and discoveries ... that progress for your toddler these first years. But cuts, burns, bumps and other injuries are often part of the course. Have the good reflexes with our ABC! A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Alert In the event of an incident, keep calm and do the saving actions.
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Influenza A in children

Chapo CHILD INFLUENZA Fear of catching influenza A Since the arrival of influenza A, your child has rarely heard so much about germs and diseases. But does he know what it is? Not sure. Which does not stop him from worrying. (News of 15/12/09) Influenza A: how to reassure him?
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100% feminine fragrances

See the slideshow Notes of blackcurrant, verbena and vanilla, sweet blends of jasmine and musk, brews of roses and violet ... scents to offer absolutely. 100% feminine scents (8 photos) Universal A sensual combination of raspberry, magnolia and gardenia. Flower In The Air Eau de Toilette: 77,50 € 50 ml (Kenzo).
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