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The pot ? Each turn

The pot ? Each turn

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Today, Patrick, our Super Nanny, welcomes a guest of honor: the pot of Tristan. How will the children react? And their moms? Discover it quickly!

  • On the table are spread the colorful reliefs of a meal of purees. I barely started to clean the table as my three imps come back, led by a Tristan brandishing his pot as if it was the Davis Cup.
  • "No problem, man, we'll settle down."
  • I let go of my sponge because Tristan, who has dropped his trousers into a corkscrew, is already trying to get rid of his diaper.
  • "One second, let's get organized." I put it a little apart and sit down. Immediately, I offer him a hardback book to make him wait. A small hand pulls on my shirt.
  • "Me too, I want the pot," Bambi told me.
  • "Me too," says Sam.
  • Soon, the three line up along the wall, as on parade. Suddenly the doorbell rang. I'm going to open and discover Jeanne, Sam's mom.
  • "I was able to free myself for a moment, she told me, and I wanted to kiss my little one."

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