The pregnant Dukan diet?

The pregnant Dukan diet?

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I just learned that I'm pregnant. Can I start a diet the first 3 months?

  • The pregnancy is discovered after the absence of menses, 15 days after the fertilization of the egg by a spermatozoon. At the beginning of gestation, your future baby is an embryo whose programming of development is dictated by genetics.
  • At this point, he has minimal needs unrelated to your diet. During this period, his organs are put in place in a sketch of miniature body. As for you, you will begin to store caloric reserves in which your future child will draw but only during the last trimester of your pregnancy. If you are overweight, you can follow a diet like the Dukan diet to avoid getting fat without harming your child.

BMI I know, but I want to revise

  • These three letters are the initials of the Body Mass Index. This notion is important to know if you have a weight problem. You do not have to be a math guy to calculate it. Just divide your weight by your height by your size squared. Example: you weigh 58 kg and measure 1,68 m. Divide 58 by 1.68mx 1.68m = 20.50.

Calculate your BMI with our tool.

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