The 12 detox tips of the editorial team

The 12 detox tips of the editorial team

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After the excesses of the holidays and the cake of kings, it is time to find the line ... How to do? The editor gives you his tips detox.


  • I'm eating Fish soup during many days. The recipe is simple and the whole family loves: boil 1.5 liters of boiling water, add a Kub broth, 2 teaspoons of paprika, 1 onion, 3 fish (salmon, cod, monkfish) and carrots. You just have to cook and enjoy. This soup is even better the next day, warmed and embellished, for example coral lentils, which you have cooked separately.


  • To stall me at the beginning of the meal, and fill up on vitamins, I eat soup every night at the beginning of the meal. I recommend Picard's organic vegetable soup which is excellent. I also walk a little more than usual and, above all, I stop weighing myself for a fortnight while having eliminated everything ...


  • In the morning, I eat half a pomelos with a small bowl of muesli in cold milk and two large cups of green tea, which I also drink throughout the day. At noon, I delete the sauces and at tea time, I allow myself two clementines. In the evening, I eat a soup and a big green salad. I apply this for a minimum of five days, and up to two weeks, if necessary.


  • I drink a lot of herbal tea. I prepare one with ginger and fresh mint (it is enough to infuse directly slices of fresh ginger and add mint at the last moment), and I alternate with an infusion with thyme, which facilitates the digestion and activates the immune system.


  • After the holidays, I resume a normal diet gently by putting more emphasis on vegetables. I also take the weekend to go for a long ballad with my children.


  • I recommend walking on foot! Nothing like it to eliminate. Just leave the car at the garage or take the metro a station away, or lengthen the dog's walk!

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