Good slimming habits

Good slimming habits

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You have a few pounds to lose? Set yourself a wise goal and ban a diet too strict that may exhaust you. Losing a maximum of 500g to 1kg per week seems reasonable. To achieve this, some measures have been proven.

To slim down, no nibbling but real meals

  • Skip a meal has never lost weight. But instead of nibbling after your baby's bottle or preparing meals, treat yourself to an afternoon snack of yoghurt, fruit and a cup of tea. So you can eat more lightly in the evening.
  • In case of craving, munch an apple. It is also important to sit down to eat and eat slowly while chewing food. The brain takes twenty minutes to receive the signal that the body is full.

To slim down, you have to eat everything

  • Starchy foods, despite their bad reputation, should not be removed from the menu: they are indispensable for the functioning of the cells, at the rate of 4 tablespoons a day to be taken rather at breakfast.
  • Your best allies are, of course, green vegetables: they swell in the stomach and accelerate the feeling of satiety.
  • Choose lean dairy products.
  • Do not cross on fat because they provide essential fatty acids that your body needs, but limit butter and cold cuts. Use different oils and eat fish three to four times a week.

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