Good anti-fatigue gestures

Good anti-fatigue gestures

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Your face shows signs of fatigue, ransom of stress and difficult nights? Fortunately, some beauty tips will help you to make them disappear.

Fight against dark circles

Dark circles make your eyes look heavy and look tired. How to erase those shadows that sadden your eyes?

  • Have a healthy lifestyle avoiding tobacco, alcohol, nights too short.
  • Decongest your dark circles with draining care that reduces water retention.
  • Apply an eye mask to the relaxing and relaxing effect.
  • Camouflage with a concealer. Choose a lighter shade than your natural skin tone.

Give a boost

Tonifying, revitalizing, the so-called "sparkle" treatments have no equal to wake up tired skin and dull complexions in minutes. Manual :

  • Choose it according to your skin type. Gel or serum for combination or oily skin, cream or mask for dry skin.
  • Leave the mask on in thin layer on your face very clean and cleaned.
  • Apply the care under your day cream for a good-looking effect and immediate tightening.

Choosing the right makeup

The makeup palette of summer is not that of autumn, because the light of day is sadder. A small change is needed.

  • Prefer, if you are blonde, the pastel colors (pink, beige, salmon) to those too strong that mark the features.
  • Give up purple and "chocolatey" hues that you like as a brunette for the benefit of roses, pearlescent or mauve.
  • Prefer to orange which highlighted your red hair, salmon, lighter greens and browns.

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