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Without depriving oneself, and with a little ingenuity, to save is to spend smartly. Here are new ideas to integrate into your daily life to save money.

I choose 3 products and I compare their prices

  • Tissues, paper towels, cotton to remove makeup ... Their price can vary from single to double. So, I compare and buy where it is most interesting. If the price is really competitive by buying it in a batch, I try to store provisions of this product. I can win 22 € on the cotton to remove makeup, 31 € on paper tissues in sachet, and up to 33 € on paper towels. After one year, I can save up to 86 €.

I put cheap protein on my plate

  • The idea is to replace some of the animal proteins, often expensive, with vegetable proteins (legumes, cereals, fruits, oleaginous ...). While continuing to serve meat regularly, but less often, I can cook exquisite recipes by mixing cereals (rice, quinoa, pasta, buckwheat, bulgur ...) and legumes (lentils, peas, chickpeas, split peas) . I take care to give the children animal proteins (fish, meat, eggs) once a day. For the parents, I replace every week two dishes of animal protein with two leguminous / vegetable dishes. Knowing that a dish of animal protein is € 3.50 / person, and a dish of legumes / cereals costs about € 1, I save on the basis of two adults € 168 in one year.

I cook in large quantities

  • Exit purchases of expensive individual meals that generate waste. Why not enjoy a rainy Sunday to cook yourself a dish of Indian lentils with sweet spices and vegetables, for example. Once my dish is cooked, I spread it in pots that I freeze. The day I want to eat, I thaw one or two pots in the morning, and in the evening, it remains for me to warm it in the microwave. The children will feast and there will be left for a second meal; it will have cost me € 3.50. This is the price of an individual frozen bag of Indian-style lentils in the shop. It takes at least 3 for the whole family, or € 10.50 per meal. If you consume it once a month, it comes to € 126 for the year, against € 42 a year when I prepare them at home, or € 84 savings per year.

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