Parent-child cafes, think about it!

Parent-child cafes, think about it!

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Places open to families where you can go with your children without interference, it was rare until the explosion of parent-child cafes. Welcome home!

A concept of parents

  • Most of these cafes have been opened at the initiative of parents for parents, so anxious to offer a friendly and warm place to gather around a coffee, even a light plate or a good homemade snack, at very light prices . These places are beautifully decorated, attractive for both adults and children.

Places dedicated to parenthood

  • Exchanging around family issues, learn about education, schooling, hobbies, take part in workshops on portering, breastfeeding, borrow documentation, attend conferences with professionals ... or simply meet other parents : Parent-child cafes offer a varied program throughout the year. Finally, parents with professional or personal experience that can help others can volunteer to intervene or even lead a workshop.

And also playful and relaxing spaces

  • Even if we can come with his children, these remain under the responsibility of their parents. Often workshops are organized to allow the young to engage in manual activities and the big ones to blow a little! Finally, it is possible to organize an anniversary or a party, for a fixed fee.
  • Warning ! Each parent-child café has its own specificities, registration methods, organization and opening days.

Our selection

  • CParents and Children. 14000 Hérouville-Saint-Clair, La Grande Delle 7. Infos: cafe-parent-enfant.org
  • ZePléGraounde. 20, Place Occitane, 31000 Toulouse. Infos: zeplegraounde.fr
  • Cafézoïde. 92, bis quai de la Loire, 75019 Paris. Infos: cafezoide.asso.fr
  • The valve. 9, rue des Champs Elysees, Grenoble. Infos: lasoupape.fr
  • Children's coffee. 5, place Jean Jaurès, 87120 Eymoutiers. Infos: cafedeszenfants.fr
  • At the beginning. 94, rue de la Ville-en-Pierre, 44000 Nantes. Infos: alabordage-le-cafe-des-enfants.fr
  • Libellune. 21/23, rue St-Michel, 14000 Caen. Infos: blog.libellune.org
  • Mombini. 22, rue Gerber, 75015 Paris. Infos: mombini.com
  • Planet Momes. 133, rue du Molinet, 5900 Lille. Infos: planetemomes-lille.com
  • Coffee Potes en Ciel. 46, rue de Lannoy, 59000 Lille. Infos: the-potes-en-ciel.net
  • The Bô'b'Art, 1 place Maurice Marchais, 56000 Vannes. Such. : 07 60 66 84 22. Info: //lebobart.canalblog.com

Selection updated on April 27, 2016

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