Baby diapers to recharge his laptop

Baby diapers to recharge his laptop

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An astonishing, but nevertheless very serious, Australian study reveals that stools contained in baby diapers could be used to charge cell phones and other small electronics. We take stock.

An ecological breakthrough and a renewable energy at will

  • It was already known that cow dung could provide energy through anaerobic digestion, a practice of recycling organic waste and converting it into electricity.
  • A team of Australian researchers based in Auckland today reveals the results of a study conducted late 2017 with the stool of newborns. The latter would also be able to provide enough energy to charge small electronic devices, such as mobile phones.

Why do saddles produce energy?

  • Stool is 75% water, but also contains nitrogen and electrolytes, substances that conduct electricity.
  • Still contained in the baby's diaper, these electrolytes see their conduction capacity increased tenfold under the effect of heat and maceration.
  • The technique would be to directly place the cable of the refill in the stool still contained in the layer of the newborn, while keeping it well closed. Charging is a little longer than with the classic method, but it has the advantage of being 100% free and eco-friendly. Which would almost make us want our toddlers never give up their diapers again!