Cramps, is it normal?

Cramps, is it normal?

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Pregnancy problems include nausea, feeling of heavy legs ... and cramps! Less known but equally unpleasant.

What is a cramp?

  • It is an involuntary, transient and painful contracture, of one or more muscles, which occurs most often in the calf or the sole of the foot, Cramps represent one of the small worries of the woman pregnant.
  • The cramp is due to a problem of vascularization of the muscle of which one does not know the origin (one would lean for an excess of lactic acid, sign of muscular fatigue). A lack of magnesium could also be the cause of muscle contraction.

Cramps: what are the contributing factors?

  • Women who are already pregnant before becoming pregnant are more likely to have them during pregnancy.
  • Apart from cramps related to the maintenance of an abnormal or tiring attitude, night cramps are quite common, especially during the second trimester. They can be caused by fatigue or changes in temperature. Sometimes a simple wrong move is enough to trigger them during sleep.

What remedies for cramps?

  • Immediate remedies When the pain comes, just stretch the muscle in the opposite direction of its contraction: for a pain in the calf, grasp your toes and stretch your leg, foot flexed. If the cramp comes into the sole of the foot, have the same reflex, but this time, you will not have to lengthen your leg.
  • A background treatment When a woman is prone to circulatory problems, she is prescribed venotonic medication. Otherwise, magnesium supplementation with a relaxing effect is recommended. Vitamin B6 associated with magnesium will help its assimilation. Unless you prefer to eat dark chocolate and bananas from time to time!
  • The stuff of our grandmothers. Massage the area where the cramp is located with a massage oil with a few drops of valerian essential oil, laurel or marjoram. Another trick: put a piece of Marseille soap at the bottom of your bed. According to those who have experimented with this method, it works!

Pregnant cramps: what prevention?

  • The best thing is to be able to prevent them by practicing regular and moderate physical activity (such as walking, soft gymnastics or swimming) right from the beginning of pregnancy.

Safia Amor with Dr. Paul Atlan, gynecologist.