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The pool on Wednesday, the visit to granny, the dentist Tuesday night, the birthday of Auntie next Saturday, the babysitter every Thursday ... How not to lose the head? By hanging a ca-len-dri-er! And even two, one for your toddler that you are going to tinker together and one for the whole family.


  • 1 large sheet of Kraft paper of at least 1 meter that you divide in pencil in 7 equal squares.
  • Soft cardboard.
  • Dough to fix.
  • Pencils, paint or markers.
  • 1 pair of scissors.


  • At the top of each box, write the day in capital letters or paste large cut letters corresponding to the day.
  • In each of them, draw a schematic drawing of a binder for Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and a house for Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday or holidays. If your child is tall enough, he can draw them himself.
  • Attach the tape to the wall at your child's height.
  • Draw and cut out some small accessories and characters in a cardboard box: a silhouette of your child and, for example, a silhouette of his grandma (you can also cut them out from a picture), a swimsuit to symbolize the pool ...
  • Glue behind the elements a little paste to fix.
  • Fix them under the week-end, ready to be used.
  • In the morning when your toddler gets up, ask him to move his silhouette on the day J.
  • Add the accessories of the day. Is Grandma going to pick him up at school? So, we stick Grandma!

Agnes Barboux

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