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Childcare costs, tax deductible?

Childcare costs, tax deductible?

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No, it's not a joke! And if you missed this detail when planning your baby's child care expenses, this is something new that could make you smile again!

Guard out of home, a gift of taxes!

If you have your child kept outside your home (nursery, daycare, certified childminder ...), you can claim a tax reduction.

  • Your child must be under the age of 6 on January 1 of the tax year and be your dependent.
  • The amount of the tax reduction is equal to 50% of the expenses paid for custody (excluding food and maintenance expenses, after deduction of CAF aid). The amounts taken into account are limited to € 2,300 per child kept and entitle to a tax benefit of up to € 1,150 per child. These amounts are divided by two in case of alternating custody.

Home care, it works too!

If you have your child at home, you can also claim a tax credit.

  • The tax office reimburses you 50% of the actual expenses incurred (net salary + social contributions, after deduction of CAF subsidies), up to an annual limit of 12 000 €.
  • In all cases, the credit will be subtracted from the amount of tax you will pay the following year. And if by miracle, the amount of your tax is lower or you are not taxable, the Treasury reimburses you the difference.

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Article updated on September 10, 2019