Men are attracted to women who look like them

Men are attracted to women who look like them

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Does your spouse look like you and think it's just a coincidence? Not necessarily, according to the results of a study conducted by a team of French scientists who reveal that men are more often attracted to women who have traits in common with theirs.

  • Birds of a feather flock together ? It seems that this adage is more than ever proven to believe the results of the study conducted by a team of the Institute of Evolution Sciences of Montpellier, the CNRS and the Institute for Research for Development (IRD ) and published in the journal PlosOne.
  • Work had already been done the characters that make a woman physically attractive, but most of them were interested in traits related to hormone levels and fertility. With this study, this is the first time that scientists relate the physical traits of men surveyed and those of women they designate as attractive.

The theory of homogamy confirmed?

  • To realize the experience, the researchers first asked a hundred men to choose from pictures of female faces, those they found attractive. They then repeated the operation on another group of men, but this time with computer-generated faces.
  • The results have shown that men prefer the faces with which they share certain traits. Of the four different faces proposed, 37% chose the one with which they shared the most traits (eye color, hair color, the shape of the mouth or the thickness of the eyebrows).
  • In a second time, researchers analyzed photos of 155 couples with at least one child. Once again, the results show that parents have more facial features in common than two individuals randomly selected from the population.
  • For scientiststhese results reinforce the theory of homogamy that individuals look for a sexual partner that resembles them.

Stéphanie Letellier