Ecological toys, a good reflex

Ecological toys, a good reflex

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Buy eco toys, a reflex more and more common for the greater good of our children and the planet. But, by the way, what is an ecologically correct toy?

Zero chemical manufacturing

  • An eco toy is a toy made in natural materials, wood, cardboard, potato starch, corn flakes, organic cotton (no pesticides or other undesirable substances).
  • It does not harm the health of the planet or, especially, that of our children. It is made of natural materials, easily biodegradable, which do not participate in global warming, soil pollution or certain diseases of your child (skin diseases, respiratory ...).

Ecological toys: the good reflexes

  • An eco toy is a solid and durable toye, which does not break easily and can serve a long time, reusable by several children, timeless.
  • An eco toy is locally produced, not at the bottom of the world, wasting energy. Or choose it with a Max Havelaar type label providing decent manufacturing conditions. Also avoid those produced by exploited children. Turn to ethical manufacturers.
  • An ecological toy is also a wooden toymade from wood from managed forests (when one tree is cut, another is replanted).
  • In eco-friendly toys, there are also all board games that teach children about biodiversity, the preservation of animal species, the lives of others elsewhere ...
  • Finally, an eco-toy stays a long time, gives itself to cousins ​​or friends, even the poorest through humanitarian aid associations (Red Cross, Secours populaire, etc.).
  • Battery toys are to be chosen sparingly. Otherwise, opt for rechargeable batteries.

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