The fairy tales: Snow White and the 3 dwarves

The kids love lanterns. That's good: these are very easy to do and completely safe from a safety point of view, because today the light garlands work with batteries. Follow our instructions to make these pretty lanterns inspired by the tale of Snow White.


  • White cardboard paper
  • 4 sheets of white tissue paper
  • Tissue falls
  • Bolduc
  • Colored pencils
  • 4 plastic bottles of 1 liter
  • 4 light garlands
  • Glue, scissors
  • Clothespin


Download the boss for Snow White here

Download the boss for the dwarves here

Production :

  • Using the patterns, draw and cut out the 4 characters. Add for each character 2 arms, as well as ears for the dwarves.
  • Paint faces and hands, add dwarf caps and Snow White hair with the bolduc. One course of action: do not restrain your imagination!

Snow White

  • Make up Snow White's body by sticking the two edges of the cone together. Hold everything with a clothespin until the glue is dry. You can then fix the arms.
  • It's now about decorating the upper body. An idea: use a hole punch to create a pattern on the blouse. You can also paste a small border
  • Cut a 5 cm by 5 cm hole in the bottom of an empty bottle to put the light garland on it.
  • Now, install Snow White on the bottle and dress it with a pretty white tissue paper skirt, to glue it into the inside hem of the blouse.

The dwarves

  • "Dress" the dwarves by gluing fabric drops on the body and arms, then, like Snow White, build the cone and add the arms.
  • Cut out the bottoms of the bottles for the light garland. You will have taken care before to shorten the bottles, the dwarves being smaller than Snow White.
  • You just have to cover the bottle with tissue paper, and adjust the bodies of the dwarves on it.

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