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The molluscums, what is it?

The molluscums, what is it?

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Now, small whitish or pinkish growths begin to colonize your child's skin. And if he had caught molluscums?

What is it about ?

  • From their real name, molluscums contagiosum are due to an infection of non-serious viral origin. They appear as clusters of raised little pimples or often whitish growths, most often on the belly, arms and legs.
  • The molluscums are not painful and do not scratch as a rule.

How are the molluscums transmitted?

  • Due to a contagious but benign virus (without fever), molluscums mainly affect children both because they have not yet developed immunity against this type of virus, but also because they attend places of community life: nursery, daycare, school, swimming pool ... that promote the transmission of viruses.

Contamination can be done either:

  • By direct contact with the skin of an infected person.
  • By autocontamination, especially in children with eczema, which promotes scratching. The itching can promote the spread of growths on other parts of the body.
  • By indirect contact, that is to say by contact with objects or clothes that have been touched by an infected person. This mode of contamination is nevertheless the least common.
  • The time between contagion and the appearance of the first pimples is between 2 weeks and 2 months.

How to treat molluscums?

  • Themost molluscae disappear spontaneously after several months. But to prevent their spread by self-contamination all over the body and especially the contamination of other children as well as family members, it is advisable to treat them.
  • Generally, the doctor will remove them with a curette, after applying an anesthetic ointment of the Emla type to relieve pain.
  • There are also other treatments based on chemicals or homeopathic that are effective on molluscums.
  • At home, children should not be allowed to share the same towels and bathe together.

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