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Laban the little ghost and Labolina

Laban the little ghost and Labolina

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Brrrr, it's a bit scary the cinema! This second installment of the adventures of the most charming little ghosts will make you shiver ... of pleasure your toddler from 2 years!

The story

  • Welcome to Château FroussardThis is where Laban, an adorable ghost, lives with his little sister Labolina, his father and his mother. And it does strange things in these six short episodes ... like this strange noise that invades the castle but, fortunately, it is only Mom Phantom who has the hiccups!

What your toddler will love

  • Themes around fear, friends, the feeling that you do not care enough about him, who will talk to him. All round, these ghosts are like him.
  • Colorful drawing and tender, ideal for a toddler.
  • The story told in voiceover very clearly, punctuated by the dialogues of the characters. This cartoon is really suitable for very young viewers.
  • The films of the yard, by Lasse Persson, Per Ahlin, Alicia Jaworski, Karin Nilsson, 43 minutes.
  • Where to find it?

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