The little pots explained in a few words to the dads

The little pots explained in a few words to the dads

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Your baby loves them? No wonder, they are specially designed to please him.

Invented in 1928 by an attentive grandfather, Dan Gerber, the little baby pot has quickly become indispensable! Admit that preparing homemade mashed potatoes is not always easy.

Small pot: what brand?

  • Whether stamped Nestlé, Blédina, Hipp ..., the potty comes dish or bowl version, soup, mashed pot or full dish in the microwave. It still delights both modern and active parents. Who could do without these ready-made meals, whose quality is well established?

Small pot: what controls?

  • Yes, baby potty is the subject of careful care and strict controls on the part of manufacturers. It responds to the precise and draconian regulation of "diversified dietary foods of the child", particularly in terms of raw materials, composition and labeling: without additives or pesticides and of a consistency adapted to the needs of your child. infant.

Small pot: what taste?

  • No need to salt or sweeten a small pot. Because even if it seems bland, its taste has been studied for the taste buds of your child, not yours! The only thing to check is the "pop" opening, pledge that the pot was never opened.

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