The first steps in pictures

The first steps in pictures

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Learning to walk is anything but child's play! From the innate walking reflex to the first real steps, the path is long. Admire, in images, the 12 steps that precede walking.

The first steps in pictures (16 photos)


At 1 month, Eleanor already seems to be walking ...


It's an innate reflex!

Maya 4 months

Maya, 4 months, muscle her little legs ...

First steps pedaling

... by actively pedaling!

Fiona 6 months

Fiona, 6 months, trains, with the help of mom, to stand on her legs.

I'm going for it

That's it !

First steps Samuel

Samuel, 10 months, has set a high goal.

Thank you pouf

And like a tall man, he hoists himself on both legs with the help of the ottoman.

First steps images

Easy, right?

Mary Laetizia

Marie-Laetizia, 14 months, is the next step.

First steps alone

She stands up alone, without help from anything.

Mya 10 months

Mya, 10 months, is also standing without holding on to anything.

First steps Nina

Nina dares a first step!

Mario 13 months

Mario, 13 months, did it!

First steps in pictures

One step after another ...


... and Mario is walking! That's it !


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