The secrets of blush

The secrets of blush

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Last touch of makeup, the blush or blush makes your complexion sparkle. To get a nice result, you have to find the right shade and know how to apply it. Explanations.

How to choose your blush?

This English word, which means to blush or rosy with emotion, colors your cheekbones and gives you good looks. According to his formula, the makeup result is different:

  • It gives a matte effect when he is powdered.
  • It gives a touch of naturalness cream, gel or liquid.
  • He makes the radiant complexion in its iridescent version.

The right color of blush

The blush comes in different shades to choose according to the complexion of your skin:

  • Pink : it brightens the light complexions or very dark skin with freshness.
  • Orange: it is suitable for dull skins.
  • Beige: it structures rather than colors the cheeks.
  • Copper or brown: it is only for very dark skin.

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You can match your blush to the color of your lipstick or your gloss for more harmony.

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