Signs to recognize his ovulation period

When looking for a baby, it's a good thing to know when you're ovulating. The point with Dr. Anne de Kervasdoué, gynecologist.

  • There are signs that attentive women recognize. Most women are not attentive, especially with the use of the pill, and they do not notice anything. But, those who pay attention notice some changes at the time of ovulation,
  • At the time of ovulation, they are a little wetter, because it corresponds to the secretion of mucus. This mucus is like egg white, and it is very important because it is it that will protect the sperm and help to go up to the trunk. The more a woman has mucus, the more likely she is to become pregnant. Because it "helps" the spermatozoa.
  • Some women experience pain, more or less important, pelvic, low, on the side of an ovary, and on the side of the ovary that ovulates. Others feel a little swollen during their period of ovulation. Every woman has her signs, it's important to recognize and spot at that time if you want to have a baby.