The salad spinner

The salad spinner

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Create beautiful colorful discs with an old salad spinner! An easy and creative activity to share with your budding artists. Let's go !

A DIY idea proposed by Marie Gervais on her website Education-creative

The salad spinner (8 pics)

A DIY decoration

Create beautiful colorful discs with an old salad spinner!

Step 1

You need: a salad spinner, paint ((prefer 1 liter pots, + economical and incidentally + liquids that gouache tubes), sheets of paper.

Start by cutting discs of the diameter of the bottom of the basket (the one that will turn). For this, put the basket with holes on a sheet, trace, cut.
Put the disc in the bottom and do not hesitate to press it so that it "fixed" well at the bottom (even to make a small hole in the center).

2nd step

Drop drops / spoonfuls of paint on the sheet of paper.

Step 3

Now you have to turn, turn ...

Step 4

We mill again and again ...

Step 5

Remove the lid of the squeegee.

Step 6

Admire the beautiful work of art!

Quickly we start again and we make other reasons.

Step 7

Tie them:

- vertically, to the wall, tying them separately or together, one after the other (pierce in front of, at the top of the disc, pass the string behind and see through the back, at the bottom of the disc, continue for the following)

- horizontally, on the ceiling (pass the wire in the central hole from the back, knot on the front by inserting a nice button, tape the string to the ceiling).


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