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Lilliputian pies

Lilliputian pies

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Put the dough in the small molds, fill thoroughly before mummy is put in the oven ... your big greedy is a real little chef!


puff pastry


compotefruit jelly

For garnish and decoration:

pieces of fruit



candied fruits, etc.

Step 1

• Cut puff pastry rounds

• Ask your apprentice chef to spread the rounds of dough in the small molds.

2nd step

• Place at the bottom of each pan various pie crusts (stewed fruit, fruit jelly or pastry cream).

• Add the filling you like.

• These are two steps your child will love doing himself.

Step 3

• Bake 20 to 30 minutes in the oven on thermostat 7 (or 210 ° C).

• Enjoy tepid or cold.

Council +

You can also make salty tartlets, with cheese, tuna, tomatoes, olives ...

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