Your child 5-11 years

Lab'Oh - The box to do science and discover art while having fun!

Lab'Oh - The box to do science and discover art while having fun!

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Lab'Oh: a collection of 6 boxes (and not one more!) With manual and creative activities to do science and discover art!

We are all faced in our life as parents with this type of question:

"Dad, how do you make a rainbow?"

"Mom, why does a volcano spit lava?"

Children are curious about everything, and this is their strength!

They wonder, they try, make assumptions, make mistakes, and start again, until they understand! They are true budding researchers, and at Bayard Box, we are committed to cultivating this thirst for learning!

With our collection of 6 boxes Lab'oh, your child discovers the world through 3 stages:

1- he observed and experimented : It's easy, all the material is provided and in his notebook, he will find explanations to observe the world around him and realize his own experiences.

The +: the notebook is graphiter so that it can record its observations and results of experiments.

2- he comprises : thanks to the educational booklet which gives explanations - adapted to his age - to the phenomena he has just observed. With games too, because we learn better when we can do a little recreational break!

3- he creates : thanks to the album of the artists and the card shop present in the box! An activity creative and manual to discover 2 artists related to the theme of his box. Wharol, Calder, Leonardo da Vinci, Hokusai, etc ... will have no secrets for him! Most: he can create his own work of art which he will be proud (and you too!)

These boxes have been designed for children from 6 years old. With your help, your child will benefit from a friendly, relaxed and stimulating learning moment. At his own pace, he discovers by himself and takes a liking to do, redo, undo. No constraints of time, results, competition. Discover while doing, having fun, and also, have a good time together!

From 6 years, from 18.33 € / month.

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