Top 20 boys first names in 2012

Top 20 boys first names in 2012

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Looking for a name for your future baby boy? To guide you in your choice, between classic and original names, discover the 20 most fashionable boy names in 2012 and their meanings. Nathan, Lucas and Jules arrive at the top of the charts ... but Leo, Timéo and Maël have the wind in their sails. Make your choice !

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His origin :

  • Hebrew Nathane, its etymology means "God has given".

His history :

  • The prophet Nathan was counselor to King David. The seventeenth century, throughout the Protestant and Puritan world, spread this name in the world of English-speaking Christianity. This popular first name in the United States is experiencing a meteoric rise in recent years in France.

His party :

  • August 24th.

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