The clown box

The clown box

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Do you know the infallible weapon against sorrows: the box clowneries! Inside, a collection of riddles, games and funny photos ... To open the days all gray. Here are the secrets of its manufacture.

The clown box (4 pics)


1 beautiful shoe box?
1 assortment of paper (Canson, magazine ...)
small pieces of orange wool (optional).

Step 1

Cover the box lid with a nice plain paper.
If you are a perfectionist, you can also line the bottom of the box with a nice paper, cover the edges ...

2nd step

Cut out an oval shape for the nose, eyes, mouth and stick them on the top of the box.

Step 3

With your child, customize your clown. You can search the magazines for pattern papers to make him a bow tie and a hat, why not glasses ... Stick if you want little bits of wool for the hair.
Tip: to fill your clown box, gather together over time funny objects, a joke Carambar, the photo of Mamy on the scooter ... Something to find the smile for sure!