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At the time of baby's toilet

At the time of baby's toilet

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Face, eyes, ears, small buttocks ... the time of the toilet is an important and pleasant step to share with your baby. Good gestures in video, good products, advice from specialists, tips from moms: discover our baby toilet folder quickly.

Baby toilet: the video

With his daughter Alice, 2 months, Melanie found the right rhythm: a bath at night to spend a good night and small toiletries in the morning to properly approach the day. Eyes, ears, nose: nothing escapes his vigilance as a mother concerned about the well-being of her daughter.

See the video.

The baby toilet bag

Just like you, your baby has specific needs. It is therefore advisable to build your toilet bag with the greatest care. To ensure a perfect hygiene and comfort, some products are essential.

What do I put in?

How to wash baby's hair

At the very beginning, you are not very comfortable. Later, it's him ... feeling the water running down his head. A shampoo, "extra soft" in the gestures, should overcome your reluctance to both. Two techniques depending on his age and some good advice for everything going well.

The time of the shampoo.

Ear cleaning instructions

You regularly discover in your baby's ears a slight waxy and brown deposit: earwax. Far from being dirty, this natural secretion plays a major role in the protection of your hearing aid.

Play moderation!

How to cut baby's nails ?

When your baby is born, he already has nails ... sometimes long. How to take care of it ? When do you cut them and how? Instructions and practical tips.

The good gestures.

The intimate baby toilet

Changing your baby is not enough ... before finding the happiness of a clean diaper, it is essential that he has the perfect buttocks and clean his genitals. Make this little toilet a great moment of intimacy.

At the time of change.

Baby toilet: our quiz

What is the ideal temperature for your bathroom? Should we avoid touching the fontanelles at the time of shampooing? Why not whole milk to soften bath water? Take stock of his baby's toilet!

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Facial hygiene in pictures

Nose, eyes, ears, nails ... what are the good things to clean your baby's pretty face? Discover him in pictures with Tung Ahn and his little Noémie, 2 months, and Valérie, mother of Gabrielle, 8 months.

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Safety at the time of the toilet

Each year, there are 1.5 million child victims of domestic accidents. At bath time, there is no question of relaxing supervision. Our advice to offer your toddler a safety bath.

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What products for the baby's toilet?

Incomparable by its softness and velvety, the skin of your little one deserves the most delicate attentions at the time of the toilet. Which skincare products to use? And for his bath? Are perfumes suitable? The advice of our specialist, Dr. Agnès Gougerot, dermatologist.

The good choice.

Cosmetics for baby: caution

Despite the reassuring words of several expert committees, questions remain about the use of baby cosmetics. Offending ingredients, label screening ... the instructions for making the right choice.

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10 tips for baby grooming

The baby toilet? A great moment of happiness to share with your little one! To offer maximum comfort and avoid grimaces, small anger or crying, here are 10 tips of moms. Thanks to them, cleaning small folds, eyes, nose, nails will become a real pleasure.