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Very digestible, apricot is ideal for feeding your baby. As for you, enjoy it with pleasure, it will give you good looks!

Apricot dietetic side

  • Apricot is one of the richest fruits in carotene. Two beautiful fruits cover half of the daily needs of an adult. A good deal because, once ingested, provitamin is transformed into our body vitamin A, antioxidant and protective cell aging. In addition, it prepares the epidermis in the sun and looks good.
  • It also contains minerals: magnesium and phosphorus to fight against fatigue, but also potassium and iron.
  • Apricot also has the advantage of containing fibers that are well tolerated, even by babies.
  • Even though this fruit is renergetically (65kcal per 100g), do not sulk, let alone if you're expecting a baby, have a pill or smoke. Your carotene needs increase in these situations.


  • Discard the hard fruits and puddings. Picked too early, they are indigestible and aggressive for the delicate intestines.
  • Cis the color of the apricot that we judge of its rich carotene, whose concentration can go from 1 to 14 according to their degree of maturity! Result, the more an apricot is orange, the more it is rich in carotene!
  • Once picked, the apricot does not ripen anymore. You can keep it for a week in your refrigerator.

Usage tips

  • Sweet recipes prepared with apricots are known : vanilla or cinnamon marmalade (quick in the microwave), pie, clafoutis ...
  • But do not forget them for accompany white meats with which their sweet acidity works wonders.

Apricot and babies

  • If your baby likes apricots, it is because he is very digestible and his fibers (pectins) are well tolerated. For its first compotes, choose a ripe fruit that does not need to be sweet. Pick it up and mix it finely. Later, at the age of teeth, your baby will crunch it raw into small pieces. 

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