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Lili and the caterpillar

Lili and the caterpillar

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"Lili loves a holiday in the country with Mamie At Mamie, there is a big garden, where you can discover incredible animals ..." Let's meet Lili with this beautiful story written by Stephanie.

  • Lili loves the holidays in the countryside at Mamie's. At Mamie's there is a large garden, where you can discover incredible animals. At the last vacation, Lili was able to observe a brown hedgehog.
  • Last month when she came to Mamie's, Lili made a new friend: a pretty, fluffy caterpillar. With Mamie, they put her in the garden shed a cozy little house in a cardboard box, with crunchy salad so she would not be hungry, a fresh water ramekin so she would not not thirsty and a cozy bed of soft cotton so she can rest.
  • Grandma promised Lili that she would take care of it.
  • Today is the first day of the summer holidays, the sun is at the rendezvous and Lili will return to Mamie. When Lili, mom and dad arrive at Mamie's, Lili is very eager to see her friend the caterpillar.
  • She swallows her lunch at full speed: hop the semolina, hop the vegetables and hop the dessert! As soon as the spoon rested, Lili pulls Mamie by the hand and rushes to the garden shed.
  • When they arrive at the garden shed, the box is empty! Lili is disappointed, she wanted to see the caterpillar again, but the caterpillar is gone.
  • As they come out of the garden shed, Mamie crouches beside her favorite flowers and takes Lili under her arm.
  • "Look at Lili, on the flowers, there, the beautiful multicolored butterfly, it's your caterpillar that has changed."
  • Lili can not believe her eyes, the butterfly is blue, black, red and orange with white spots on the top of the wings! She smiles very hard watching the beautiful butterfly that flies delicately from flower to flower.
  • What a great discovery for this first day of vacation!

A story written by STéphanie Potin-Grevrend, Colombes (92)

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