Louis (Port Louis, Mauritius)

Louis (Port Louis, Mauritius)

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Louis (Port Louis, Mauritius)

  • From old German "lods", illustrious, and "wig", fighter, "hlodwig" became Ludwig and in free Clovis, before turning into Louis.
  • Eighteen kings of France took this name.
  • The patron saint of the Louis, King Louis IX, better known as Saint Louis (1215-1270), was a model of charity and courage. He died on a crusade in Tunis, in 1270. For the anecdote, the "louis" of gold owes its name to King Louis XIII who had struck a coin to his effigy and Louisiana, former French possession in the United States, was so called in honor of Louis XIV.
  • His birthday: August 25th.
  • Its derivatives: Alois, Clovis, Gino, Lewis, Lloyd, Louie, Ludwig, Luigi, Luis, Luiz ...


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