Inglesina Zuma High Chair

Inglesina Zuma High Chair

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We love the anodized aluminum structure of this well-designed chair.
Highly technical, it has an adjustable height of 8 positions and a reclining seat in 3 positions.
Its ergonomic monocoque seat is easy to clean and features comfortable padding and a 5-point harness.

  • His price : 229 €.
  • Where to find it: www.inglesina.com.

Approved for its design

The parents' opinion

Odette (Bailleul-le-Soc), mother of Angela, 11 months.

  • "I put in the cellar without any regret my old high wooden chair as it is powerful. It ensures perfect stability and my daughter is safely installed. The two front wheels make it easy to move with one hand. Finally, its design is also very attractive. "

Delphine (Paris), mother of Ines, 2 years and a half, and Jade, 10 months.

  • "With two girls of close ages, I'm looking for ease of use and security. This chair fulfills my expectations with a beautiful design and more. I can in the blink of an eye go from a low height to give the Jade meal in my sofa at a high to place Ines at the table of the big. Both enjoy a very good comfort. Bravo! "

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