The bat of Halloween

The bat of Halloween

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In Halloween, witches and other ghosts are in the spotlight. And if you proposed to your little "monster" to you this DIY of bats ... To ward off evil spirits?

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The Halloween bat (4 pics)


1 old black sock, pierced, stuck or orphaned
1 layer sheet
1 pencil
2 small circles cut in red paper
1 needle and thread
cotton padding
black Canson paper
nylon thread
1 pair of scissors
strong glue
1 elastic.

Step 1

Define a bat wing (in a book about Batman, for example) and reproduce it twice on the black Canson sheet.
Cut out the two shapes obtained.

2nd step

Stuff the sock with the cotton in the center (you can ask your child to do this).
Tighten at one end with the elastic to make a head.
Glue the wings in the middle.

Step 3

Close the sock with a small seam, insert and attach a nylon thread.
Glue the two red dots to the eyes.
Hang all by the thread, head down.
Tip +: You can also make a ghost on the same principle, with a white sock and two black eyes.