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Eating alone: ​​he needs a boost

Eating alone: ​​he needs a boost

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Eating alone and becoming self-sufficient is not so easy! Your toddler may be reluctant, and if you do not put a spoon in his mouth, he will not eat. This obligation to eat alone seems a real constraint for him and his refusal to eat worries you.

Around 1 year, he needs flexibility

  • Every child aspires to become autonomous. But growing up requires a few round trips. For a lot of reasons - a long day at the nursery, a little brother coming ... - he may want to make sure you still love him! Especially since he is still small. Alternatively, your baby just is not hungry enough.

What has to be done

  • At this age, he is docile. But it is important to give him the opportunity to test his body, his hunger, to let him decide a little about his meal time. You can also offer him a "cuddle bottle" in your arms and a "self-contained bottle" like a big one. Is there a baby at home? Do not hesitate to play, to exaggerate his desire to be small, to make him laugh ...
  • What to say. "My darling baby, I'll give you the bottle, you'll be bigger another day ..."

He too likes conviviality and eating alone boredom

  • The ideal would be a little gourmet who eats quietly while you activate ... Only dinner alone does not enjoy it. And if he came to the big table with you?

What has to be done

  • Move your high chair closer to the family table - toddlers like to keep their own furniture! - and give him a plate like everyone else.
  • Do not force him, at first, to eat with a spoon: it is necessary to target the mouth, the gesture is difficult. Let him peck with his fingers, it develops his fine psychomotricity! You will see that soon, very proud to share this festive moment, he will imitate you and take his cover!
  • What to say. "Do you want to eat now or rather with us when your dad comes home?"

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