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The double level class, what is it worth?

The double level class, what is it worth?

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"It had to fall on us!" That's what you thought back in the fall by noting that your child was going to be involved with larger or smaller. And if it was a good thing ...

A double level, késako?

  • When two groups of children of different levels are grouped together in one and the same classwith a common teacher, this is called a double-level class.
  • In general, the double level is chosen when the structure of the school (number of pupils and teachers) does not allow to maintain a class by level. This is often the case in small towns. The creation of this type of class can also be a pedagogical choice.

What do parents fear with a double-level class?

  • "He will not do anything anymore!" This is often the fear expressed by the parents of a high school student.
  • "He will not follow." This is what, on the contrary, those of a child of the lower level think.
  • In fact, in a double-level class, the teacher favors individualized work, especially for fundamental learning. On the other hand, it can, according to the levels and the subjects, give an activity common to all the pupils (corporal expression, artistic activities ...).
  • Contrary to popular belief, the double-level class does not lower the level of the greatest. As for the youngest, if they grab a few bits of lessons from their elders, this is a little "more" always good to take and never disturbing.
  • The biggest difficulty is for the teacher who has to deal with an organization and a flawless preparation of his days. This double class often returns to seasoned masters.

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