The easter casserole

The easter casserole

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Easter, a good occasion to propose to your children some funny little crafts. Here is a charming casserole that will accompany her eggs in the basket or brighten your Easter table ...

The easter casserole (11 pics)

I need

3 leaves of white felt, orange or yellow, and red
Chinese wooden chopsticks
22 cm yellow and orange ribbon
yellow or orange fabric tape (or Scotch tape)
fabric glue
moving eyes (available at leisure and creative stores) or white and black paper to make them yourself
Canson type white paper
a pencil
a pair of scissors.

1 I draw the boss

Draw on a white sheet all the elements necessary for the casserole.
First, a shape of pear (or Barbapapa) 15 cm high and about 12 cm wide for the body. Then, a wing of 3-4 cm and a leg of 4 cm in length with its 3 claws
For the white collar, take the shape of the body and reproduce it identically for the upper part, then at mid-height draw the small waves of the collar, and cut out the new shape obtained
For the head, draw a triangle of 2 x 1.5 x 1.5 cm for the beak, a crest 3 cm long by 2 cm high and a small barb 2 cm high.

2 I cut

Put all the elements cut out on the corresponding sheets of felt sheets
Draw the shapes in light black pencil
Do it twice for the wing, the leg and the body


Cut gently.

3 I realize the paws

Take the wooden sticks and the ribbon.
Surround the chopsticks starting from the not pointed part and go up about 10 cm
Secure both ends with a small piece of yellow or orange tape.
You can replace it with fabric glue reinforced with classic Scotch.
Alternatively if you do not have ribbon, you can paint the chopsticks in yellow or orange. The painting will hold very well on the wood. Spend two coats for better rendering and do not hesitate to decorate them.

4 I am assembling

Place a face of the body on the worktop, putting the cleanest part facing the table.
Position the legs, wings and crest on this body. The sticks should go up to the top of the neck.
Apply glue with a brush everywhere and gently put the other face of the body.
Be careful to put it in the same direction as the first face so that they marry perfectly.


Pinch the felt for a few seconds so that everything adheres.


Then glue the collar on the top of the head. Stick only the top of the barb, just above the top of the sticks that we guess under the felt, so that it takes relief.


Then glue the beak and the eyes.


All you have to do is stick the legs, leaving the claws protruding, then fold them on the front.


And here is the work!


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