Headache and Pregnancy migraine, what to do?

Headache and Pregnancy migraine, what to do?

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The headache is one of the common pains of pregnancy, although it does not appear systematically ... In some women predisposed, it is even real migraines. We take stock.

Headaches, migraines: signs of pregnancy?

  • Headaches (a term that includes all types of cranial pains) can be a sign of early pregnancy. They are then due to hormonal upheavals and significant changes in blood pressure during the first trimester of pregnancy ... But alone, headaches or migraines are not reliable pregnancy symptoms.
  • Many other causes can cause them: poor hydration, caffeine abuse, lack of sleep, stress, eating certain foods such as chocolate, etc. On the other hand, if your headaches are associated with other signs of pregnancy such as late menstruation or more frequent urges to urinate, it may be wise to have a pregnancy test ...

Headaches and migraines: what are the differences?

  • Do you suffer from migraines or pregnancy headaches? Most often, it is about "simple" headaches. The only symptom is moderate pain, usually affecting both sides of the skull. It usually disappears in a few hours. During a migraine, the pain, more intense and pulsatile (impression that the pain "beats" in the head), is located on one side of the skull. It can last many hours, even a whole day and is often accompanied by nausea, vomiting and intolerance to light, certain odors and noise ....

Are you a migraine?

  • There is no reason to suffer from migraines during your pregnancy unless you are already migrating. Migraine is a real disease whose mechanisms are not yet well known. In early pregnancy, hormonal changes can sometimes aggravate seizures, but the majority of pregnant women have a high spacing of their migraines, especially during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy, when the hormonal rate is well stabilized. Alas, the crises return to their usual rhythm after childbirth ...

How to treat yourself safely when you are pregnant?

  • You can use paracetamol during pregnancy (but stick to the dosage of the drugs). If this is not enough, the doctor can prescribe specific drugs that are compatible with your pregnancy. Note that homeopathy and acupuncture can also give good results against the headaches of pregnant women.

Can we prevent pregnancy headaches?

  • You can prevent headaches and migraines during pregnancy by moisturizing regularly and sleeping enough, even to take naps. It is also advisable to practice relaxing activities such as yoga or meditation for example ... Finally, avoid too bright lights and limit your consumption of chocolate, tea and coffee.

When to consult?

  • Check if your pain is very intense and / or is accompanied by abnormal symptoms such as swelling of the face, stomach pain or the presence of "flying flies" in front of your eyes. Headaches may be related to an underlying disorder such as high blood pressure, which is important to detect and treat during pregnancy.