The complexity of binational divorces

The complexity of binational divorces

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Removed Friday in Arles, the little Elise, 3 years is still not found. Flirted between France and Russia since her parents' divorce, the little girl may have been abducted by her mother. An event reminiscent of the complexity of bi-national divorces. (News of the 24/03/09)

  • Friday, as she was walking with her fatherIn Arles, Elise, 3, was kidnapped by three unknown people, including a woman. Very quickly, the investigators preferred the track of family abduction. Indeed, divorced for 2 years, his parents, his father is French and his Russian mother, compete for custody. In 2007, Elise's custody was granted to his father, Jean-Michel, when his mother took him away for the first time to Russia. In September 2008, his father returns to Russia, enjoys an absence from his ex-wife and recovers his daughter.

The complexity of binational divorces

  • A scenario that reminds how much Binational divorces, 170,000 each year in the European Union, are difficult to manage for justice. Indeed, the distance, the delays and the discrepancy between the national legislations do not facilitate the things and push sometimes the parents to commit the irreparable, like the image of Nathalie Gettliffe, sentenced to 16 months of prison in Canada for having removed their children.

I read the testimony of Nathalie Gettliffe.

Stéphanie Letellier