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Would the color of the cutlery influence the appetite?

Would the color of the cutlery influence the appetite?

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If you want your little gourmand to finish his puree, avoid the red spoons! But if he tends to eat a little too much, they could slow his appetite ... According to American researchers, the color and shape of cutlery would have the ability to influence our brain on the real taste of food.

  • You do not know what to do to eat his mashed carrots? And if the color of his cutlery blocked him? While this theory may seem preposterous at first sight, researchers at the British University of Oxford have seriously studied the issue through a study published in the scientific journal flavor. For this, they used volunteers and conducted a battery of tests using cutlery of different colors, shapes, materials and weight.

The taste is very suggestible

  • For researchers, no doubt "The way we perceive food is a multisensory experience that involves not only the taste and texture of food, but also the aroma and the sight," they explained. In other words, even before eating a food, the shape and color of our cutlery influences our brain on the taste it will have. Interesting if your toddler is eating hard.

Red, no thanks!

  • Moreover, according to this study, what is the color to ban at the table if your child has a small appetite? The Red ! Conversely, a white spoon will make its yogurt more creamy than if it is eaten with a silver cover. More generally, researchers point out that a food always looks sweeter when eaten with a small spoon rather than a large one. A trick to think about to make the soups like your child?

Stéphanie Letellier

And for him to open the appetite, think also to our delicious recipes !

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