The courgette is recipe

The courgette is recipe

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Available all year, zucchini is one of the first vegetables that your baby can enjoy. Discover our recipe ideas for young and old!

The zucchini is recipe (15 pics)

Zucchini pudding

Oh, pretty colors! What to give him from 12 months the taste of vegetables.

See the recipe for zucchini custard

Cream Of Zucchini

Zucchini, mushrooms ... that's good! From 6 months.

See the recipe of velouté de courgette

Stuffed zucchini

Here is a nice green hat to eat from 18 months. He will love!

See the stuffed zucchini recipe

Courgette gratin

The zucchini is one of the first vegetables discovered by your baby. To test au gratin from 8 months.

See the recipe of zucchini gratin

Zucchini tagliatelle and carrots

Pasta ... vegetables! Here is a nice idea and will probably pass alone. A fresh recipe to discover from 1 year.

See the recipe for vegetable tagliatelle

Zucchini and other vegetables confit with honey

Brand new, all beautiful, these tender hearts will please your little greedy from 1 year. A tasty and vitamin recipe.

See the recipe for honey futures

Rice and zucchini Greek style

A little exotic touch for this recipe to concoct from 1 year.

See the recipe of Greek rice-zucchini

Pasta with zucchini and vegetables

Vegetables, it goes alone with pasta! A fantastic recipe and vitamin to make him taste as early as 18 months.

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Salmon-zucchini flan

Salmon, zucchini and cottage cheese ... an original recipe to discover from 15 months.

See the recipe of the salmon-zucchini flan

Velvety of zucchini and green beans

When baby makes the discovery of his first vegetables at 5 months, offer him this velvety recipe full of sweetness and good vitamins.

See the recipe for velvety zucchini and green beans

Cake with zucchini and vegetables

Do your children wince at green vegetables? Slip them into a golden cake, they will love.

See the vegetable cake recipe

Clafoutis tomato-zucchini

The vegetables ? Bof! A cake ... with vegetables? Yum, that mom's too strong! A recipe to discover as early as 18 months.

See the recipe for clafoutis tomato-courgette

Turkey pie with zucchini

An economical recipe, easy to make and that will put the whole family in your pocket.

See the recipe for paupiettes with zucchini

Carrot-zucchini mousse

For babies from 6 months, a creamy mousse recipe to prepare with a small pot of carrot.

See the recipe of carrot-zucchini mousse

Zucchini-feta galette

Combine zucchini with feta cheese, a good idea to make your gourmand eat vegetables. Here is a delicious cake to enjoy hot or warm. A delight !

See the recipe of galette courgettes-feta