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My baby can not sleep alone

My baby can not sleep alone

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What to do with a baby who can only fall asleep in the arms? Is it normal to keep your baby with you to breastfeed at night? The point with the book "I raise my child" Laurence Pernoud.

My baby sleeps only in our arms

  • The question of Marine: "Our daughter Lou will soon be 2 months old and we are having difficulty sleeping for the day, after feeding, after having changed her, we rock her in. When we see that she is asleep, we put her down. delicately in her bed but a few minutes later, she wakes up and starts to cry at once It's impossible to put her to sleep in her bed, she only sleeps in our arms What should we do? in bed or continue to wear it? "
  • Many babies need a little time to get the sleep / wake rhythm and your little Lou is barely 2 months old, she is still very small. It is normal that she often needs to be worn, cuddled, it reassures and soothes. Not so long ago, she was constantly rocked and surrounded!
  • You can help your daughter find her sleep by letting her cry for a few minutes in her bed when you find her tired. If you repeat the same gestures each time, she will eventually find her own sleep.

My daughter sleeps with us to facilitate breastfeeding at night

  • The question of Dounia: "Our little Irene is 9 months old and is breastfed and has been sleeping with us for the past 4 months to make breastfeeding easier during the night and during the night she wakes up again to suckle for a few minutes. whether this situation is normal or not? "
  • Irene has grown up, she is now nine months old and you will have to take her away from you so that she can gain autonomy: at nine months she should not take the breast at night but sleep alone, in her room if possible . This is a change that you can make little by little but that is necessary.

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