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The collective nursery, how does it work?

The collective nursery, how does it work?

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Parents of a toddler, many ways of guarding you are proposed for your child, including the collective nursery. This one offers a reception adapted to the children from 2 months and half to 4 years. What steps to take? What advantages? Here are some explanations that will help you find your way.

  • The collective nurseries are managed by the town halls or the departments. They welcome children aged 2 months and a half to 4 years. 10% of the children guarded are in nursery. Directed by a pediatric nurse, they are under the supervision of the departmental service and maternal and child protection (PMI). In such establishments, at least half of the staff must hold a certificate of auxiliary in childcare.

The advantages of the collective nursery

  • Children are welcomed in a structure adapted to their needs and which provides for activities according to their age. Toddlers learn to socialize with children their age and thrive under the responsibility of early childhood professionals. Part-time reception is also offered.

The inconvenients

  • The schedules of collective crèches are often strict. When they are sick, children are sometimes refused and it is up to the parents to find an alternative solution. In addition, places are few and waiting is often long before knowing if your child will be welcomed or not.

Group nursery: how much does it cost?

  • In case of reception of the child in collective nursery, the price of the guard is calculated according to the parents' income:
  • Parents can also benefit from tax benefits. Inquire about

How to register your child?

  • To obtain a place in collective nurseryYou have to go directly to the early childhood department of the town hall or directly to the nursery at the beginning of the pregnancy. In order to create a file for an application, some documents must be provided:
  • The maternity notebook or, if the child is already born, a birth certificate or family record book.
  • Two proofs of residence.
  • Pay slips last three months.
  • Your tax return of the current year.
  • The request is then confirmed at the birth of the child, by sending a birth certificate.

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