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The parental crib in details

The parental crib in details

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Parents of a toddler, many modes of custody are proposed to you for your child. The parental crib proposes a mode of care in which the parents are directly involved. Advantages, disadvantages, operation: here is useful information.

  • The parental nursery is an institution managed by an association of parents and approved by the Maternal Infant Protection (PMI). Toddlers are welcome from 3 months to 4 years, even 6 years. They are supervised by early childhood professionals who work with parents to establish a pedagogical project.
  • The coaching rate is one adult for every five children who do not walk and one adult for eight children who walk. Parents also take care of the children, about half a day a week for a child who is full-time, and the maintenance of the premises (purchase of supplies, maintenance ...).

The benefits of the parental crib

  • You participate yourself in the care of your childt, at the rate of half a day a week, with the presence of a professional, according to the needs of the nursery. Toddlers are kept in a family atmosphere and schedules are generally more flexible than those of the collective nursery.

The inconvenients

  • Since parental childcare subsidies are low, the cost can be sometimes high for parents. The direct involvement of parents in the operation of the family crèche can be a disadvantage for those working full time.

How much does it cost ?

  • The price of the guard is calculated according to parents' income:
  • The parents can also benefit from tax advantages. Inquire

How to register your child?

To obtain a place in parental crib, it is necessary to contact directly the service early childhood of the town hall or directly near the nursery during the pregnancy. In order to create a file for an application, some documents must be provided:

  • The maternity notebook or, if the child is already born, a birth certificate or the family record book.
  • Two proofs of residence.
  • Pay slips for the last three months.
  • Your tax return for the current year.
  • The request is then confirmed at the birth of the child, by sending a birth certificate.

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