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The 8-month crisis, what is it?

The 8-month crisis, what is it?

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A sudden fear of leaving your arms, crying at the sight of a face he does not know or little? No worries, your 6-8 month old baby is going through a classic crisis: the eighth month's anxiety.

8 months crisis: no way to leave your arms!

  • During his first year, your child can go through a difficult time: "the anxiety of the eighth month", also called the fear of the foreigner. For a few weeks, your toddler also finds it more difficult to separate from you. Rest assured, this is a transition. It was highlighted in the 1950s by the psychoanalyst René Spitz. It is called "8 month crisis" or "8th month anxiety", but it can occur at 6 months as at 9.
  • This fear of the stranger is a key period of development of the baby, located between the first smile and the acquisition of the "no" around 18 months. Fundamental steps in its maturation process. This reaction indicates that your child is the difference between you, his mom, and an unknown person. It is also a sign that your baby is aware that he can be separated from you.
  • "This eighth month's anxiety is the clue that your child is developing well, that he distinguishes the important people from his existence (the parental couple, in particular), from the others ", notes Beatrice Cooper-Royer, clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst.
  • All babies are not concerned. No wonder - or worrying - if yours at 6-8 months continues to bastards at the baker's? All children do not necessarily scream as soon as a stranger approaches. Those who are accustomed to seeing many people often express this anxiety with less intensity. Some are also bolder, others more fearful ...

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