Our bouquet of 12 scents to celebrate moms

Our bouquet of 12 scents to celebrate moms

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Moms are always happy to receive a fragrance to celebrate their birthday. If you do not know which one to offer, choose it according to your personality. Gourmet, natural or sensual? Here are 12 bottles of charm.

For a greedy mother

She loves life to the fullest and is a fine gourmet. She loves to simmer good food, cakes, jams: a way to share with all her family her pleasure of savoring good things. Her perfume ? It is of course greedy with fruity, vanilla, sweet notes. To be tasted without moderation.

Our fragrant selection

Optimistic. A happy floral heart extends on intense vanilla. Pleats Please: 70 € 50ml (Issey Miyake).

Luminous. A flight of citrus fruits on a background of honey. Solinote eau de toilette Orange blossom: 9,90 € the 50 ml (Corania).

Appetizing. Papaya sprinkled with candy sugar. Travel water Vanilla Apricot: 31 € 30 ml (Comptoir Sud Pacifique).

Irresistible. A cocktail of citrus, a hint of apricot and a little fine vanilla. Amor Amor chest, eau de toilette and body milk in 50 ml each: 59 € (Cacharel).

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