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The diversification led by the child, a good idea?

The diversification led by the child, a good idea?

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In the United Kingdom, a phenomenon is attracting more and more parents: the autonomous diversification led by the child or DME. The principle: place a plate in front of the baby and let it go, without ever intervening. What should we think ?

  • For a baby, dietary diversification is recommended between 4 and 6 months. Purees, meats, fish and even the most famous allergenic foods (eggs, fish, exotic fruits, nuts, peanuts and celery) must be presented during this period to awaken the tastes of the child and, above all, to minimize the risks of allergies later.
  • A recommendation which some parents seem to want to free themselves from the benefit of the "autonomous diversification led by the child (DME) The principle: to present to his baby solid foods at the age of 6 months, on a plate, leaving him to choose what he wants to eat, with his fingers, and in no case should the parent intervene.The result: babies covered with mashed potatoes who eat what they want
  • This phenomenon, initiated by an English nurse author of a book on the subject in 2008, finds more and more echo among young English parents, persuaded to take the miracle recipe for their child to eat everything. Classes have even begun in London to teach them the basics ...

DME: Progress or fad?

  • But then, what should we think? For Patrick Tounian, head of the pediatrician's department at the Armand-Trousseau Hospital in Paris, this phenomenon is simply "daring": "This method is not based on any scientific data, I do not see how This is a step forward: letting the child choose food is likely to take only the foods that make him happy and thus limit himself to introducing new foods. say that the sooner a toddler comes into contact with different foods, the less allergic manifestations he will have later on.The second problem is the risk of a false route because the child can ingest too much solid food Finally, I do not understand the interest of having his child put half of the food on him and on the walls and having to shower it afterwards because it is covered with carrots ... "

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