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We go to the pestacle

We go to the pestacle

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The theater of shadows and objects, puppets, contemporary dance, fairy tales ... toddlers love. Provided that the show is very suitable for their little ears. Five tips for choosing it.

Take care of the duration!

  • Most shows for toddlers last around 30-40 minutes. It's perfect. Longer, your child may wriggle on his chair ...

Play the nearby

  • If your child is too far away, misplaced... he will have trouble concentrating. Aim, especially for his first shows, the intimate rooms that welcome children in the forefront on small cushions. It's so much better when you see the artist closely!

Operate word of mouth

  • I promise. A or on, we will continue to talk about the shows we loved. But also do word of mouth with other moms. Be demanding ... knowing that if some shows do not have the decor and costumes of the Lion King, the prices are not the same either! And nothing beats the proximity, the room, the applause, the lights, the comedians ... to open your little curious on another world.

Watch the schedules ...

  • A show seduced you in a theater? It's a safe bet that the next will be quality too. Follow their schedule. Maybe the director of the theater can send you a little email to let you know about the next show. The company may have a site accompanied by a small press review ...

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