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Trouble on the farm! : episode 1

Trouble on the farm! : episode 1

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Who said happiness was in the meadow? Surely not Marie, the farmer! Since this morning, nothing seems to go round on his farm. Would a wind of rebellion be blowing? Let's see what it is with this first episode.

  • This morning, when Mary the farmer wakes up, it is already noon and the rooster has not sung. Quickly, quickly, she goes out into the yard. The rooster is there, in front of the chicken coop.
  • Mary asks him then: " My little cock loved, what happened to you ? "
  • The rooster responds: " I stop working. I can not continue singing in currents of airrr. It ruins my beautiful voice. From now on, if you want to wake you up, you just have to buy yourself a reminder ! "
  • "Well, think Marie, my cock has risen from the left paw this morning!" And she enters the hen house, with her little basket, to pick up the eggs.
  • "Hello, my beautiful ones!" She exclaims. You have laid well, tonight? "
  • But here, a surprise awaits: on the straw, there is not a single egg. A big white hen then advances: " No, no eggs today! To lay down every day at the same time, what a nuisance! "
  • Marie is not very happy: "Well, never mind, I'll do without your eggs this morning!"
  • Mary goes to the stable. She caresses the back of her old cow and whispers: "You know, the rooster and chickens give me a lot of trouble today. Give me some milkI make myself a good hot chocolate. "
  • But the bitch cow: " No, no! Milk, no question! I have not closed the eyes of the night, I am too tired to give you. "
  • "Well, my poor," said Marie, "if you put yourself in it, too ..."

Rabbits, sheep, pigs ... how far is the mess? The second episode.

A story written by Claire Barré and illustrated by Armelle Boy, published in the magazine Belles Histoires, Bayard jeunesse.