Mother's Day is important for moms

Mother's Day is important for moms

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Sunday is Mother's Day ! What gift comes to mind? What would be the dreamed gift? Are moms attached to this day? An investigation has studied the question! (News of the 27/05/11)

Tradition requires, 81% of French people want Mother's Day and they are very attached! 74% of them declare to be disappointed if we do not wish them this special day.

40 € for a mothers day gift?

  • For 50% of respondents, this day is the perfect opportunity to express gratitude to his mother, and what better for that a gift? 59% of them systematically offer a gift with an average value of 40 €. In 54% of cases, this gift is bought in a shopping center. Next are small businesses (20%), the Internet (10%) and the supermarket (around 6%). Only 2% engage in home confection.

A gift, yes, but which one?

  • Quite classically, flowers come first (28%), then perfume (13%), jewelery / watches (11%). But be aware, the dreamed gift would be a weekend getaway for 18% of those surveyed. For Father's Day, clothing is preferred (18%), followed by cultural products (14%) and perfume (14%)

Need help ?

  • The shopping centers of Quatre-Temps (Defense), Vélizy 2 and Rosny 2 will offer free dads gift ideas for the help of "personal shoppers". An initiative that will be repeated on June 18 to help moms find the perfect gift for their spouse this time.

* Ipsos / Unibail-Rodamaco survey

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