The puppet frog

The puppet frog

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Who's there ? This is the frog puppet who will eat you ... eyes. Just place your hand inside to make it move. A DIY too funny!

In the same way, you can make a pig (with pink felt, triangular ears and a round nose), a hen (with a crest and pointed nose in red and green felt), etc.

The puppet frog (4 pics)


Green, red and white felt
a pair of scissors.

Step 1

Fold the green felt in half and cut out in both layers a rectangle of 7 x 4 cm.
The fold should be at the top (see our diagram).

2nd step

Cut out all the elements of the felt head (two green circles and two smaller white circles for the eyes, a red "banana" for the mouth) and stick them on the "body".

Step 3

At the level of the eyes, draw the pupils of the frog with the felt, slightly shifted for a more funny effect.
And here is our puppet!


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