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Not cool, the delay!

Not cool, the delay!

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Today, Patrick, our Super Nanny, is very annoyed. It's out-gardening for the kids and Bambi did not arrive. A delicate situation because often of topicality ...

  • I consult my watch and fight to suppress a breath of annoyance. 10 hours and still no Bambi! Sam and Tristan go around in the playroom.
  • "When are we going to the flowers?" Tristan asks.
  • I told them that once in full, we would go to hike the garden reserved for them, and the horticultural head impatient. He is not the only one…
  • On several occasions already, Bambi has arrived late. Parents know that staggered arrivals are allowed, in a specific niche however: from 8:30 to 9:30 am. But Fatou, citing a last-minute RTT or car problems, tends to overflow.
  • Patiently, and to avoid a discussion that I imagine for her as for me unpleasant, I wait for her to remember. To help these memories go back up, I found myself imagining several situations.
  • "What if Sam and Tristan, all dressed up, waited outside the door for Bambi to arrive?"
  • "What if we leave without her in the garden?"
  • "What if, on their arrival, I made the head in a particularly ostentatious way?"
  • Situations that have in common to be ridiculous. I am so aware that they would almost make me smile when I kick them out of my mind.

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